Sensory Safe Zone

PMI Entertainment Group is pleased to offer a Sensory Safe Zone at select shows/events.

If your loved one is struggling to cope with the performance, you may access the Sensory Safe Zone rather than leave the facility completely. Features include:

  • SSZ logo2.4.jpgThe Sensory Safe Zone (SSZ) is a quiet stimulant-free area located under central staircase of the Resch Center. The zone is a staff-free area for your privacy. It is available for selected events that tend to be family-oriented, where love ones struggling to cope with the event have the option to access a quite space rather than leave the facility.
    The SSZ  is equipped with:
    - Fidgets, weighted blanket, sunglasses, noise-canceling headphones, and other therapy tools recommended by industry professionals that help children with Autism and anxiety disorders 
    - A TV monitor for watching Gamblers games, Men's Basketball, and Green Bay Blizzard games
    - A script of the event (when available) so you can prepare your loved one for what will happen and when

“I just googled Monster Trucks because my family is finally ready to try venturing out and seeing a show. When I came upon the information about your sensory free zone, I nearly cried. You see, my son is on the Autism spectrum and spent years absolutely freaking out over loud sounds and large groups of people. The creation of this space is so big – for so few people. The fact that it exists at all is a testament to the wonderful changes happening in the world around us and the acceptance of people like my son.

Thank you. To see that there are people, like you out there who care this much about people with sensory issues is beyond heartwarming."

Shella Cain