Behind the Stage

Because we know that what happens leading up to and at events is often of interest to you, we have created a “Behind the Stage” article that will post here once a month. We will provide you insight in the world of entertainment as it relates to the Resch Center Complex or other productions of PMI Entertainment Group, the managers of the complex.

Many moving parts when Mickey comes to town

It won’t be long before the magic that is Disney On Ice returns to the Resch Center.  This year’s show runs February 7-10 and is called Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic.  The show will feature 14 classic and modern Disney stories that will include familiar music that will stick in your head.  Among others, our guests will see parts of Disney’s The Lion King, Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen.

This year’s show also features an opening number that salutes Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as the original hosts of Disney On Ice and celebrates 90 years of Mickey and Minnie. 

“This particular production is by far the largest Disney On Ice show we currently have touring bringing together everyone’s favorite Disney characters from Snow White, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to Elsa and Anna,” said Producer Nicole Feld. “Our vision is for audiences everywhere to dance and sing along to their favorite Disney songs, so we’ve included 30 tunes that they know and love.”

They’re not kidding about the show being big.  It takes 19 semi-tractor trailers to transport the production and there are four buses for the cast, crew and staff.  Once on site, it takes 12-14 hours to set everything up using crew from the tour along with local stagehands.  For the 2018-2019 tour, the show will travel nearly 15,000 miles.

Some other interesting fun facts about the show include the costumes and colors.  You know Disney magic when you see it and this show has 225 costumes and 40 people worked on those costumes.  A lot of costumes must mean a lot of laundry, right?  Sure does.  They do an average of 45 loads of laundry per week.  There are 57 props in the production that are accented by 88 different colors!  The largest prop is Elsa’ Ice Palace weighing 2,200 pounds.  There are also 274 light fixtures, 164 movable lights, 980 lighting cues, and 664 special lighting patterns.

A lot of props and costumes takes a lot of people to wear them!  There are 49 performers or skaters in the show from ten different countries speaking nine languages.  They range in age from 18 to 50.  The total number of people who travel with the show is 70.  They spend a lot of time of the road in buses and hotels and pretty much end up being one big family.

As I think I’ve mentioned before, Disney On Ice is one of the biggest events we put on during a year.  The show is usually here for four or five days, has eight performances and draws 25,000+ people from throughout Northeastern and Central Wisconsin, and Upper Michigan.  The show always does well in this market.  If a family is not able to get to one of the Disney theme parks, this is their chance to see Mickey, Minnie and a whole host of other Disney characters.

So, Disney On Ice isn’t just a big deal for us.  It brings a lot of people to our venue and those people are eating and shopping at area stores and restaurants.  Some guests will drive 1.5 to 2 hours to come to this show.  You will see them and their kids in Disney costumes eating along Oneida Street in Ashwaubenon during show week.  The most famous mouse of them all will soon be here and we can’t wait!