Behind the Stage

Because we know that what happens leading up to and at events is often of interest you, we have created a “Behind the Stage” article that will post here once a month. We will provide you insight in the world of entertainment as it relates to the Resch Center Complex or other productions of PMI Entertainment Group, the managers of the complex.

A fast 15 years for Resch Center

So here we are 15 years and about 45 million dollars later.  Where did the time go?  The Resch Center officially turned 15 years old as of September 2.  The 45 million dollars was the total amount of money spent to build the arena.  The first event held was a Tool concert on September 2, 2002.

I‘d love to show you some photos from opening night but as luck would have it, Tool did not allow ANY photos to be taken that night.  That also meant no media was allowed.  So other than maybe a few exterior shots from that night we don’t really have a lot.  It was definitely a PR guy’s nightmare.

After opening night, the next 15 years have been nothing short of fantastic.  After the Tool concert, the first few events were Cher, WWE and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.  The estimated one thousand or so events since then have included concerts, Gamblers hockey games, Green Bay basketball games and Blizzard football games.  Yearly touring shows like Disney On Ice, Harlem Globetrotters and Monster Trucks also take up their important dates on the event calendar.

There have been so many different events during the past 15 years that it’s hard for me to pick out my favorites.  A few do come to mind though.  For concerts I’d say the first Elton John show was a biggie for me as was the first Eagles concert.  We chased Bon Jovi for several years before finally landing him a few years ago so that was huge too.  Aside from music, a few other show stoppers for me were the Radio City Rockettes, Cirque du Soleil and Blue Man Group. 

Securing the WIAA girls state volleyball and basketball tournaments was a great move by PMI Entertainment Group and both have been a big hit at the Resch Center according to participating teams.  The influx of fans from throughout the state for the tournaments has helped the Resch and this complex give the area economy another shot in the arm.

In fact, the most recent study by the University of Wisconsin Green Bay for a seven year period showed the total Green Bay area economic gain from all revenues from the Brown County Veterans Memorial Complex, including the Resch Center, was nearly $129 million.  Those are some pretty impressive numbers.  Once a new Brown County Expo Center is built we can only imagine those economic numbers will get bigger.

 So what’s in store for the next 15 years?  Our company remains committed to bring a wide variety of events to this complex.  We have landed many concerts and events we never thought possible and have missed out on some we thought would be slam dunks.  The past year was one of our most successful ever for concerts.  We don’t always get what we want but we won’t stop trying.  We’ll continue to promote fun and create memories.