• Apr 13 , 2013
  • Resch Center, Green Bay, WI

  • VIP = $30.00; Suite on the Glass = $30.00; Party Pit = $25.00; PL 1 = $17.00; PL 2 = $15.00; PL 3 = $13.00 & PL 4 = $9.00

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  • *The VIP area has eight reserved tables on the glass in the Party Pit. These tables seat four people AND must be sold as a complete table of four. The VIP ticket holder has their reserved seat, the individual will receive unlimited beer, soda, and popcorn in this area. Call Jessica at (920) 405-1265 to order your table.
    **The Party Pit is a general admission area located in the North end of the building where the Gamblers shoot twice. The ticket includes a voucher from Screamin’ Head Buzz, unlimited beer, soda, and popcorn in this area. This area is standing room only with a limited amount of chairs.
    ***The Suite on the Glass seats 40 people and must be purchased in its entirety. Food and beverages must be purchased in advance.

  • 16 Person Suite $350, 20 Person Suite $400, 26 Person Suite $500, 32 Person Suite $600
    For suite rental information contact Cindy at 920-676-8883 or
    For ticket information contact TicketStar at 800-895-0071


Family Night/Face Off for Safety Town

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