Group discounts - do it as a group & save!

Ticket Star offers discounted group tickets and great benefits on select events.

To find out if an event offers a group discount, visit the individual event page on this website. If a group discount is offered, it will be listed in the event’s detail information along with the group representative contact number.

In addition to a discount, groups of 15 or more receive:

Group.jpg Group_II.jpg

  • One-on-one personal service from a group sales representative
  • Easy ticket ordering and processing – no standing in line at a box office, waiting on the phone or connecting to a web site – tickets are ordered and sent directly to you
  • A block of tickets so you can enjoy the event together as a group
  • The option to add additional seats to your order if needed
  • Option to compare each performance in a run so you get the best seats possible for the best price
  • Special needs seating and services if needed
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